Cornerstone Church Atlanta votes to leave SBC: ‘We should've done it sooner,’ black pastor says

By The Christian Post

John Onwuchekwa is lead pastor of Cornerstone Church Atlanta. | YouTube/Screenshot

Pastor John Onwuchekwa, lead pastor of the diverse but predominantly black Cornerstone Church Atlanta, announced Friday that his congregation has voted to leave the Southern Baptist Convention, hinting at racial concerns with the world’s largest Baptist denomination.

“On Sunday we voted as a church to leave the SBC. I don't say this for applause (there's nothing particularly commendable about our decision). I only mention it to bring clarity surrounding where (and with whom) we stand in days like this. Frankly, we should've done it sooner,” Onwuchekwa wrote in a series of tweets last Friday.

Onwuchekwa, Richard Mullen, Moe Hafeez and rapper Trip Lee planted Cornerstone Church Atlanta after they moved to the city’s historic West End neighborhood in 2015. In a 2016 interview with The Christian Post, Lee, who is no longer listed on the church’s website, said the church at the time attracted about 200 predominantly young worshipers weekly who were about 60% black and about 40% white. It is unclear what the current composition of the church is as Onwuchekwa did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CP.  

Source:The Christian Post