Death Note Movie: Updates Death Note 2016, Death Note Movie, Whitewashing Death Note

By Yumi Redfield

The Death Note manga ran from 2003 to 2006, but with the popularity of the manga, until now, projects based on the original series are being created.

First is the Hollywood adaptation of the hit series. Recently, it has been reported that Nat Wolff has been cast in the lead role in the Death Note live action. Although it has not yet been confirmed, most speculations state that Nat Wolff would be playing anti-hero Light Yagami.

Almost at the same time that Nat Wolff has been cast, Edward Zo posted a video decrying whitewashing in Hollywood. In theYouTube video, Edward Zo calimed that he was personally told that he cannot audition for the part of Light Yagami because they’re not looking for Asians to play the part. Interestingly, even though the video has been around for a few weeks now, there’s still no official response from Warner Bros.

Currently, no other actor, other than Nat Wolff is attached to the movie.

Japan is also currently working on another Death Note movie titled, ‘Death Note 2016’. Death Note 2016 will not be based on the manga, but is more like a spinoff movie from the manga or anime. Instead of Light and L as the main characters, Death Note 2016 will be introducing two new characters who have inherited the DNA of Light and L respectively. Similar to the epic battle of wits between Light and L, the two – yet unnamed – new characters will also go against each other in their quest to acquire all the six Death Notes on Earth.

Death Note is a highly successful manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and drawn by Takeshi Obata. There have been reports that the two are back together working on another title, the Platinum End. Not much is known about the upcoming new manga series, but Platinum End has been described as “a story about humans and angels”. Platinum End is said to be released this November.

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