DesiringGod author on why Hell will be worse for some: 'Not all sins are the same'

By The Christian Post

"Descent to Hell" by Duccio di Buoninsegna (1255–1319), between 1308 and 1311. | Public Domain

Not all sins are the same — and some sinners will end up in “Hell’s lowest levels” if they fail to repent, a DesiringGod author has warned.

In an op-ed, editor Scott Hubbard writes that among today’s evangelicals, it has become “virtually commonplace for us to talk as if all sins render us equally guilty before God.”

But in Scripture, Jesus “turns over our assumptions,” Hubbard says, noting that while “Jesus warns us not to make hasty, simplistic conclusions about who the ‘worse sinners' are,” He also warns us that “some sinners, if they do not repent, will face ‘the greater condemnation.’”

Source:The Christian Post