Destroyers, deliverers and the George Floyd tragedy

By The Christian Post

A close study of history shows that just as there are motifs in a grand musical composition, so there is a motif running across the opus of time: recurring destroyer-deliverer manifestations.

Wallace Henley, Senior Associate Pastor of 2nd Baptist Church in Houston, Texas | Photo: Wallace Henley

In every generation there arises the destroyer spirit whose aim is the obliteration of the City of God, which is the expression of God’s Kingdom, the highest form of civilization, within the nations. 

Wherever there is goodness and justice, peace, and God-given joy (Romans 14:17), the destroyers will try to assault, and, in words given through Isaiah, cause the earth to “tremble,” kingdoms to shake, the world made into a “wilderness,” and “overthrow its cities.” (Isaiah 14)

Source:The Christian Post