Does God Still Heal Today? Christian Doctors and Medical Professionals: ‘Yes, He Does!’

By Boaz Wadel

Many people in the Christian Church today, do not believe that God still heals, and also that miracles ended many years ago.

David Rozen from Israel, prays for a delegate

But that is not the view of some 240 Christian doctors and medical professionals from 38 countries who recently traveled to Sofia, the political, economic, and cultural center of Bulgaria, for the 11th Annual World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN) Conference, where they met to "Glorify the Great Physician" and discuss "Medicine, Science and Spirituality."

Each of these medical professionals, who gathered from May 9-10, 2014, at venue in the city, believes that "spiritual healing" is an answer to sickness in the 21st Century. They say that medicine alone cannot deal with some of today's worst illnesses. But they also believe that miracles should be "documented" and various respected doctors presented actual case studies of miracles with the medical evidence to back them up.

After the audience heard each of the many healing presentations, with the evidence being projected onto a large screen, they were able to ask them questions about each "miracle."

Dan Wooding with a delegate from Vietnam

A spokesperson for the event, said, "This WCDN Conference was designed to give us a better understanding of the special time we are now living in - a time of great scientific breakthroughs, but less compassion and love, time of deeper darkness and inhumanity but also, of the expectation for the glorious coming of our Lord.

"The conference has encouraged medical persons to be partners of the Lord in our work (professional and spiritual) and our responsibility to be His witnesses."

Professor Lyubka Tancheva, PhD, Director of WCDN-Bulgaria, and a scientist from the Institute of Neurobiology (at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) and well known researcher in the field of experimental and applied psychopharmacology and drug toxicology, stated in her message to delegates, that the special lectures were designed to "motivate people" for a "better understanding of the special time in which we are living."

Professor Tancheva then gave the first case presentation of the gathering, with the title of "Last myths and new challenges in the modern neuroscience."

Dr. Gilbert Chae speaking

The medical sessions concluded with a presentation by WCDN president, Dr. Gilbert Chae, who will share the case of "High risk of Down's syndrome," and then plans for the 2015 conference where will be shared for May of next year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

There were many more cases of divine healing that were presented and I will cover them in my later stories from Bulgaria.

However, one of the many dramatic stories I discovered during the conference was that that of Dr. Mieke Kuiper, a Dutch-born family physician who has worked in, and around Brisbane, Australia, for 32 years, still believes that God heals, and this despite having gone through the biggest challenge yet to her faith - she has lost her left eye to cancer. ( )

And, possibly the most unusual delegates at the conference, were a Ugandan Princess who was able to forgive the killers of her father, "King Freddie" of Buganda, and her husband David, who has also forgiven the murderers of his own dad.

Princess Jane with her husband David

Princess Mpologoma Jane Nabanakulya now co-pastors a Manmin Church in Bethnal Green, London, and her father had the rather incredible name of Sir Edward Frederick William David Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula Mutesa ll, who was born on November 19, 1924 and was King (Kabaka) of the Kingdom of Buganda from November 22, 1939 until his suspicious death in exile in London on November 21, 1969.

For many years, she says she harbored a strong anger towards the killers of her father, but then, while attending the 29th anniversary of the Manmin Central Church in Seoul, which has grown to 100,000 members, things radically changed and she experienced a deep spiritual healing.

"The death of my dad, who was poisoned, and the circumstances surrounding it, really broke my heart. But when I became born-again, it was then that I relied on the promises of God and that changed my life and I was able to forgive whoever killed him," she says.

"I'm a happy woman now. I've forgiven whoever tortured my family. I no longer hold grudges from the past and I'm living a very, very happy life."

While in exile in London, she met her husband David, whose father was also assassinated during the reign of Milton Obote, and had fled Uganda.

"We began our church in 2005 and we have a multi-cultural congregation in Bethnal Green, which is in East London," Princess Jane continued.

I wondered if the people at the church realized that she was a Princess?
"Yes, they do," she laughed.

So do they bow down in front of her?

"They sometimes give me a holy bow," she smiled. "But really, we're one in the Lord if we're in the Church of Jesus Christ."

This was certainly a unique gathering of medical professionals who deeply believe that God does heal today and many were able to present the evidence to their colleagues.  They also were blessed by being able to openly worship the Lord to various groups, including the world-famous performance team from Korea.

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Christian Doctors and Medical Professionals God Still Heal Today