Dream Center pastor urges Christians to step out of comfort zone amid homeless 'epidemic'

By The Christian Post

The Dream Center is a volunteer driven organization located in the heart of Los Angeles. | (Courtesy of The Dream Center)

The homeless “epidemic” in the United States is only getting worse and it’s up to the Church to ramp up efforts to alleviate homelessness and addiction in a society obsessed with comfort and safety. 

That’s according to Matthew Barnett, pastor of The Dream Center in Los Angeles, a 400,000-square-foot building that houses and helps homeless families, veterans, kids who have aged out of the foster care system and need a place to live, victims of human trafficking, and people who have addictions — all free of charge. 

“The epidemic is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and it seems to be worsening,” Barnett told The Christian Post. “We’re battling it day by day. We go to parks and feed people, talk to them and offer shelter. We spend a great deal of time simply getting to know them. Those connection points are the only way to solve the homeless problem. You can give free housing but if there’s no change of heart or interpersonal relationship, it’s going be hard to make it through whatever they’re dealing with. Life has gotten them to a place where they want to disconnect.”

Source:The Christian Post