“Duck Dynasty” Family Under Attack, Missy Robertson Attributes to "Spiritual Warfare"

By Deborah

The Robertson family of the popular reality show "Duck Dynasty" has come under attack after patriarch Phil Robertson made controversial statements concerning homosexuality in December 2013. Missy Robertson attributes the attacks to "spiritual warfare."

The controversy rose from an interview Phil Robertson gave to GQ Magazine in mid-December 2013, in which he called homosexuality a sin and compared it to promiscuity and bestiality.

Consequently, A&E suspended Phil Robertson from the show indefinitely, but nine days later the company reinstated him due to public pressure. Moreover, the Robertson family also refused to continue filming the show without him.

Now the family is still facing a surge of criticisms and vicious attacks ever since the controversial interview aired more than a half year ago. Many homosexual groups are cursing their family and insulting their Christian beliefs. The attacks, cited from Phil Robertson's daughter-in-law Missy Robertson, are evidence of "spiritual warfare."

Missy Robertson is the wife of Jase - Phil and Kay Robertson's middle son. Recently, she spoke to CNSNews.com about those criticisms. "A lot of people want to keep us quiet, you know, they don't want that," she said in an video. "But we're not going to be quiet. We just can't. We're not going to be bullied, basically."

She said her father-in-law was just quoting the Bible, not taking his own opinions about homosexuality.

"So, and if you know anything about Phil Robertson, you know he's not going to be bullied," Missy Robertson said. "No, he's not. He's self-assured. A lot of people thought that what he was talking about in that [GQ] interview was his own opinions. But he was quoting Scripture."

"He knows the Scriptures so well, he didn't need to go get the Bible and lay it out. He just started quoting. So, that's where I think people were misled, that's just coming out of his mouth as an opinion, but it wasn't," she concluded.

Missy Robertson believes her family members are the victims of spiritual warfare. "There is spiritual warfare out there," she said. "Not everyone is Christian. We all know that. "

Even though her family is being attacked, Missy Robertson said the whole Duck Dynasty family will continue to spread the message of God's love, instead of judgment and criticism.

"We don't want to be looked at that way," she said. "Jesus came here, yes, with the sword to make sure that people knew right from wrong. But that's not for us to decide. God is the judge, not us."


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