‘Duck Dynasty’ Phil Robertson Reveals That His Lack Of Faith Almost Destroyed His Marriage ‘There Was No Jesus’

By Manuel Campos

"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson has admitted his 47-year marriage to wife Kay was almost ruined due to his bad behavior in an interview with "Extra."

Phil Robertson and his wife, Miss Kay, were interviewed by "Extra's" Maria Menounos, about their marriage which has lasted for nearly 50 years.

The couple started dating in 1964, when Kay was only 14 years old. They married two years later, in 1966.

The Robertson claimed it was a lack of faith that caused him to drink too much and act in a way that nearly drove his other half over the edge.

Miss Kay said, "He had about 10 hard years. He didn't act nice like he does now, especially when he was drinking. He was real selfish and didn't want to be responsible." Phil added, "I was following the ways of the world. I was raised in the '60s.

Kay explained how she made it through the bad times. "My grandmother she told me when you get married, it's for life. Then she told me, 'Sometime in life, you're probably going have to fight for your marriage.' I was like, 'Why would I do that?' Those words that were out in my head as a child growing up never left... I finally found my faith."

The Robertson matriarch continued, "When we finally separated, he kicked me out. I didn't leave him, but he came back and found us three months later and it's been happily ever after."
What is one secret to their "happy, happy" marriage? A special note they keep on their bedroom headboard. Phil explained, "She stood over me and said. 'Do you love me?' and I said yes and she said, 'Write it down.' So I scribbled, 'Miss Kay, I love you. I always have and I always will.'"




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