‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson : ‘They Railed Against Me for Giving Them the Truth About Their Sins’

By Jocelyn Hu

  •  Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson said the only reason cultural liberals demanded his ouster from the A&E reality show is because he told the truth about sexual sins, and they wanted to justify their behavior instead of repenting.

Slightly under nine minutes into his 43-minute sermon, which garnered reactions from many media sources this week, Robertson spoke about the many lists of sins humans are vulnerable to. According to Robertson, "I gave some guy one list. You say, 'Were they mad at you about that list?' They were mad at me."

"You say 'Why did they get mad at you?'" continued Robertson to the gathered parishioners. "Because instead of acknowledging their sin - as you had better do - they railed against me for giving them the truth about their sins. 'Don't deceive yourselves.'"

Recounting the conversation he had for his GQ interview, the reporter asked Robertson, "Is homosexual behavior a sin?"


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