Dying Light: The Following DLC Update, Halloween Treats, News, Release

By Yumi Redfield

Techland really do love their fans.

Unsurprisingly, just before Halloween arrived, Techland had a couple of surprises in store for their fans for the much celebrated holiday.

First, is the Dying Light sale. During the week of Halloween, Techland offered a 50% discount for Dying Light. The offer is available on Steam in all parts of the globe, but unfortunately, upon checking Steam, the discount offer had ended.

The second is the Halloween test that Techland offered Dying Light fans. In the Halloween test, fans are supposed to play Dying Light on hard mode without going into any safe zone at night. Fans are asked to submit their stories through their social media accounts. Techland has offered some free digital goodies for those with the best stories.

For the much awaited DLC, Dying Light: The Following there is still no more details with regards to the release date except for the very vague, first quarter of 2016.

Unlike the urban setting of Dying Light where parkour mechanics are used in both evading zombies and fighting them, the Dying Light: The Following will be set in the countryside, so there will be scenic waterfalls, caves, open fields, and hordes of infected zombies.

Since the traditional parkour defense if pretty much useless in the upcoming Dying Light: The Following, Techland has included an interesting update in The Following, the dune buggies. These dune buggies have been reported by Design & Trend to be very crucial in the upcoming The Following DLC, that it claims that these dune buggies may be the only way for players to be able to successfully reach the safe zone, especially at night. Since The Following’s dune buggies will be very crucial to the game, Techland is offering a lot of customization option for them.

It is not only the means of transportation that will be getting an upgrade in Dying Light: The Following. There have been leaks that other weapons will also be available in the DLC, like the much awaited crossbow.

Dying Light: The Following is free for those who purchased a Dying Light Season Pass, it could also be purchased separately at $14.99.

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