Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date, News, and Rumors: Bethesda Confirmed that Skyrim 2 or TES 6 is in the Works, Next 'Elder Scrolls 6' Won't Be Called Redguard

By Steff

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was relased back in November 11, 2011. By next year, it's been 5 years since we had an Elder Scrolls release. Since Bethesda usually releases a new game under this franchise every 4 years; we were expecting for Bethesda to release the 'Elder Scrolls 6' or Skyrim 2' this year. This year, what Bethesda gave us was 'Elder Scrolls Online' which is not really a valid sequel to Skyrim. Needless to say, Bethesda is currently under pressure to release an 'Elder Scrolls 6'.

Here's the latest on 'Elder Scrolls 6' release date, news, and updates.

Previously, Ubisoft made a survey asking gamers which upcoming game are they actually looking forward for; and one of the games listed is 'Elder Scrolls 6' or 'Skyrim 2' as they called it. However we still don't know if Ubisoft actually knows anything about Bethesda's future project.

'Elder Scrolls 6' is in the Works

The most recent interview of Pine Hine (VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesda Softworks) with the Telegraph, actually confirmed that 'Elder Scrolls 6' is actually in the works.

In the interview he said, "It's rare to have franchises like the ones we have and to have people joking about 'when is Skyrim 2 coming out?' The reason they say that is because generally speaking that's what you'd be getting with another publisher in charge. They'd be spitting out a Skyrim 2 the year after or two years later. That's just not how we view it. We're not the sort of publisher that focuses on 'what's our 25 titles for 2015'."

He continued saying, "We do smaller stuff, we don't publish to scale, we try to publish to quality. Make sure everything we do is noteworthy. Our approach to that hasn't differed. Here and there we might change our approach to how it's presented but we've still stuck to who we are."

It was previously thought that 'Elder Scrolls 6' is going to be based off of 'Oblivion' or 'Morrowind' but if we'll base it on Pine's statement it seems like the upcoming 'Elder Scrolls 6' is going to be based off of 'Skyrim'. Ofcourse 'Skyrim 2' is not going to be its titled but we pretty have an idea about what 'Elder Scrolls 6' is going to be about.

'Elder Scrolls 6' Location

When it comes to the location of the game, there's still a debate between Elsweyr and Valenwood. 

'Elder Scrolls 6' is Going to be a Multiplayer?

It's been a while since Bethesda has released a single-player game; and since people are requesting for 'Elder Scrolls 6' to be a multiplayer game; I highly doubt that Bethesda will allow for the 'Elder Scrolls 6' to join the multiplayer bandwagon.

'Elder Scrolls 6's Title

Previously we reported that 'Elder Scrolls 6' is going to be called 'Elder Scrolls 6: Argonia' but then it was also previously reported that 'Elder Scrolls 6' will be called 'Elder Scrolls 6: Redguard'. Mainly because Bethesda has copyright over the title Redguard. However, since there's already a game called, 'The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard', you can now scratch off Redguard from your list. 

There's still no release date for 'Elder Scrolls 6', but if we'll take Pete Hines words for it; we can expects a 'Elder Scrolls 6' next year or by 2017.

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