'Fallout 4' Release Date, News, and Leaks: Bethesda Will Unveil a 20-30 Minutes 'Fallout 4' Gameplay This Coming E3 2015?

By Steff

The anticipation for the upcoming E3 2015 is almost unbearable, there are a lot of speculations and there are a lot of rumors floating around the internet about the upcoming event-the games and the games' developers itself. However one of the most anticipated game for this coming E3 is the unveiling of 'Fallout 4', so we'll we see 'Fallout 4' in this year's E3, or not?

Here's the latest on 'Fallout 4' release date, news, and rumors.

Recently a gaming site [from Germany] shared that the upcoming 'Fallout 4' will actually be unveiled at this year's E3--by the end of the conference at least--according to a report by PCgames.de.

The report that was publish was said to be from an 'insider'.

The said unveiling would be a closed-door event, and Bethesda will be unveiling Fallout 4's gameplay. According to the news site the gameplay video will be somewhere around 20-40 minutes long.

The last time that Bethesda has released a 'Fallout' game was back in 2008 [Fallout 3]. However Bethesda also released 'Fallout: New Vegas' back in 2010, most people just consider this as a spinoff rather than part of the series.

Since Bethesda usually releases a new game in a franchise every 4 year, it seems like 'Fallout 4' is way overdue. With the lack of information, fans of the franchise even created an online petition to demand information about the upcoming 'Fallout 4' whether it is under development or what. However, Bethesda won't budge. There's still no information about the game.

Considering that there's still such high demand for 'Fallout 4' this could also just be a marketing strategy for 'Bethesda' to further excite audiences in the upcoming 'E3 2015' after all this is the first time that will host in the said event, so they better have tons of stuff to show in the upcoming event.

What do you think of the said leak? Do you think that Bethesda will be unveiling 'Fallout 4' in this coming E3 .

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