Federal appeals court rules against Florida county prayer policy that bars atheist invocations

By The Christian Post

Members of the Brevard County Board of Commissioners pray as Pastor Tom Porter delivers the invocation at their budget hearing meeting, Sept. 26, 2017. | (Screenshot: Facebook/BrevardCountyGovernment)

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit unanimously ruled against a Florida county’s prayer policy that bans atheists and other religious groups from giving invocations.

In a decision released Monday in the case of Williamson v. Brevard County, the panel ruled against the invocation policy of the Brevard County Board of Commissioners. Circuit Judge Stanley Marcus wrote the opinion, arguing that while Brevard County was allowed to have sectarian invocations, they could not exclude certain groups from giving them.

“Brevard County has selected invocation speakers in a way that favors certain monotheistic religions and categorically excludes from consideration other religions solely based on their belief systems. Brevard County’s process of selecting invocation speakers thus runs afoul of the Establishment Clause,” wrote Judge Marcus.

Source:The Christian Post