First-ever Intern at Vatican Radio is an Author, Actor and Media Student… With Down Syndrome

By Boaz Wadel

 He's the first-ever student intern employed by Vatican Radio, the author of a book about living with disabilities, an actor and a student in media studies with professional experience in television news and documentary production: it's hard to imagine why anyone would question Michael Gannon's worth as a human being. But every year, thousands of children like him are killed simply because they are diagnosed in utero with the same genetic anomaly that he has: a third copy of the 21st chromosome, the cause of Down syndrome.

Michael, 34, from Dublin, and his mother May Gannon, recently met with (LSN) at the offices of Vatican Radio, where he was completing a two-week internship, the first offered by the multi-lingual broadcaster.

Michael Gannon, who serves as an "ambassador" for Down Syndrome Ireland, describes himself as an activist with a strong interest in media, working to counter the prejudices held by many against those with Down's and other intellectual disabilities.

"I focus on me, and not on my disability. That's the reason I did this book, and the reason why I'm here," he said.

Photo: Michael interviewing Rev. Paul Tighe, secretary of the Pont. Council for Social Communications.


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