Former Korea President Lee Myung Bak Remembers Mother's Incessant Prayers

By Vineworker

When Korea's former president Lee Myung Bak was serving his term, he presented himself as an able and strong "bulldozer." For instance, his colleagues were amazed at how he could sleep for only four hours at night and still wake up on time for meetings the next morning.

Lee wrote in his book titled "Mother", "The reason my body automatically wakes up at 5AM is because our family used to have morning prayer time together when I was a kid. Morning prayer time became a family kept rule put in place by my mom, a devout Christian.

"The sound of prayer felt like a lullaby to me, especially when I felt sleepy. However, each time I heard my name mentioned in a prayer, I become alert and enjoyed the feeling of being prayed for.

"I often think about how powerful it is to have my mom's prayer over me for the past 20 years, 365 times in an year, 3650 times in 10 years, over 7000 times in 20 years, all during the same time of the day.

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