Former Lesbian Janet Boynes’ Message to Christians after Demise of DOMA: ‘Keep Hope Alive’

By John D

In a recent article posted by Charisma News, former lesbian Janet Boynes sent words of encouragement to Christians who may be feeling disappointed about the recent Supreme Court gay marriage ruling concerning the ederal recognition of same-sex marriages.

Boynes, who is the founder of Janet Boynes Ministries, a “non-denominational outreach dedicated to evangelism by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ” and “ministers to individuals who question their sexuality or who wish to leave homosexuality,” reminded Christians to keep their eyes on God.

“These rulings, while disappointing, should come as no surprise,” Boynes shared.

“They remind us of man’s proclivity for making bad decisions that contradict God’s Word. But does this mean we lose hope, give in to discouragement and retreat in defeat? No! We press in and press on as God’s faithful people, keeping our eyes on Him who leads us to ultimate victory.”

Boynes, who is also the author of a book titled “Called Out: A Former Lesbian’s Discovery of Freedom,” reminded Christians that voices of the gay community should never supersede the will of God.

“We are constantly bombarded with distortions and derision from the naysayers in the gay community, but in the end what they say really doesn’t matter,” she added. “The only thing that matters is what God says. In the remnant church of the last days, His Word is the only thing that will sustain us.”

Additionally, Boynes pointed attention to her belief that followers of Christ should rest in God and keep their hope alive in the midst of the DOMA Supreme Court ruling and the larger battle with gay marriage.

“What I want to say today to all my brothers and sisters in Christ is this: If you feel tired and worn out from the battle, stop and drink from His well of living water,” Boynes shared.

“Rest in Him. Allow Him to renew your strength. Be encouraged! Keep hope alive! God is not caught off guard or perplexed by what is happening. He knew before the foundation of the earth that this day would arrive.”

You can read more about Janet Boynes’ ministry here.

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