Former Victoria's Secret model who gave up career for Jesus produces faith-based film

By The Christian Post

Former Maxim/Victoria's Secret Model turned Christian activist Nicole Weider, 2018. | (Screen Shot: Instagram/NicoleWeider)

Former Victoria's Secret model Nicole Weider walked away from a lucrative modeling career to follow Jesus and help other women see their worth in God. Now the ex-model is producing faith-based films.

Weider is the producer of the new film "Catching Faith 2," in which she also has a starring role as a wedding planner who helps a family navigate the challenges that come when a couple embarks on their journey of marriage. The film was released last week On Demand and in Walmart stores nationwide.

"I feel like the country needs a lot more wholesome messages, good old-fashioned family values, because there are so many harmful movies that are not inspiring," the model turned filmmaker told Fox News in a recent interview. 

Source:The Christian Post