Frank Wright explains why he's going after 'heresy' he's seeing in evangelical groups

By The Christian Post

NRB President/CEO Dr. Frank Wright spoke to media during the opening session of the convention on Saturday, Feb. 18, and emphasized the need to embrace new technology to further the Gospel. (Photo: National Religious Broadcasters)

The president and chief executive officer of D. James Kennedy Ministries is elaborating on why he took the tone he did in a recent column highlighting a drift from Scripture among evangelicals.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Frank Wright, who is also a former National Religious Broadcasters president, noted that in the history of the Church, the shepherds have been key to its health and vitality.

"It was Augustine who set forth a three-fold standard for Christian teachers and preachers in which he said their role was to discover the truth in the contents of Scripture, teach the truth from the Scriptures and to defend Scriptural truth when it was attacked," Wright said.

Source:The Christian Post