Franklin Graham lauds election of theologian Lazarus Chakwera as president of Malawi

By The Christian Post

Dr. Lazarus Chakwera taking Oath of Office as President of the Republic of Malawi on June 28, 2020. | Twitter/Malawi Government

Evangelist Franklin Graham has lauded the election of former pastor and Assemblies of God President Lazarus Chakwera as the new president of the Subsaharan African nation of Malawi.

Writing on Facebook Sunday, Graham congratulated the new president, saying that he did a great job chairing a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association outreach in 2010 called My Hope Malawi.

"President Chakwera said, 'My victory is a win for democracy and justice.' Will you join me in praying that God will bless, direct, and protect this man as he leads his country?" Graham asked.

Source:The Christian Post