FUNimation will Insert a lot of Fillers to Tokyo Ghoul Season 3!?

By Chrix

FUNimation's highly anticipated Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is still all set to be release this year, but some fans are already losing interest.

Earlier this year, rumors emerged that Gen Fukunaga, president of FUNimation, confirmed the upcoming season's return this year. Although no specific date was given, fans speculate that the third installment will start airing sometime in summer.

According to a report done by ECUMENICALNEWS, Season 3 of "Tokyo Ghoul" is coming, but it seems fans aren't so interested, despite the rumor that the series will return sometime this summer. The cause of the said loss of interest to fans is because of the lack of clarification of whether the show will continue to deviate from it manga counterpart or a reboot.

When Will also reported that the manga is only composed of 43 chapters as of October 2015. Since then, only few chapters were added which means that the manga series is not sufficient enough to finish an entire season.

This can only mean there is hardly enough material for the anime studios to create an entire season, and thus the studios will instead need to create filler content or to deviate from the source material to fill in the gaps.

This is safe to assume that some filler contents will be added in order to manage the expected gaps in the anime series. This will mean that just like the second season, the 3rd season of Tokyo Ghoul will somewhat deviate from the original story.

In our previous report, FUNimation will release the highly anticipated Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 on the Summer of 2016!

Even with the lack of source materials, recent reports still suggest that Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 will be released this coming summer. According to Ecumenical News, the rumors still stand that "Tokyo Ghoul" is slated to come out this summer, but FUNimation Entertainment remains tight-lipped about it. Here is a roundup of things that fans can expect to come in the much-awaited anime series.

According to Gen Fukunaga, the president and CEO of FUNimation Entertainment, "Ever since we began simulcasting the anime series last year, fans of 'Tokyo Ghoul' have been clamoring for a mobile game."

He continued, "With season 2 now finished and season 3 set for 2016, the anticipation for the game has only grown higher."



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