Gateway Church Pastor Robert Morris identifies dangers of failing to view Holy Spirit as a 'person'

By The Christian Post

Robert Morris, pastor of Gateway Church, continues the "A Way in the Wilderness" series on May 18, 2019. | Gateway Church/Screengrab

Robert Morris, founding pastor of the 36,000-member Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, discussed the role of the Holy Spirit in a recent sermon and warned that unless believers begin to see the third person of the Godhead as a person, they will never develop a “personal relationship” with Him.

As part of a sermon series titled “A Way in the Wilderness,” Morris emphasized that believers don’t need to live in a wilderness or desert because the Holy Spirit is a “spring of living water inside us.”

“I don’t have to live in a dry land even though I live in a fallen world; I can live in a river of living water,” he said. “Jesus came so that you could have a dynamic, powerful river in you flowing through you and out of you, and His name is the Holy Spirit, and He’s like a spring of water.”

Source:The Christian Post