'Glee' Season 5 SPOILERS: Adam Lambert, Demi Lovato, Original 'Glee' Characters Return For The 100th Episode, A 'Pitch Perfect' Guest Appearance, And More!

By Amanda

"Glee" season 5 is on a long winter hiatus, however more spoilers are being announced for the upcoming episodes. Check out what will happen in the first four episodes of 2014.

The first episode of 2014, episode 9, is titled "Frenemies." It'll premier on the season's return premiere date, February 25. All that's known is that Rachel Berry, played by Lea Michele, will perform a duet with Santana Lopez, who is played by Naya Rivera. The song will be by The Police called "Every Breath You Take."

The next episode of the year, "Trio," brings dramatic changes to the comedy series. Jayma Mays, who plays Emma Pillsbury on the show, will be leaving. Mays did announce that she will be leaving the popular series a couple months ago and that the leave is not her decision.

"We knew it was coming last year - some other characters will also be leaving this season," Mays told Metro last year.

No further details were revealed on how Ms Emma Pillsbury will make an exit from the show.

On the bright side, "Trio," will also include highly anticipated performances by American Alumn, Adam Lambert, and "X-factor" judge Demi Lovato with Glee's Chris Colfer, who play Elliot, Dani, and Kurt, respectively. It's speculated that this episode of season 5 may be Demi's last appearance though her contract included six episodes on Glee. Lovato has resigned from X-Factor in order to completely focus on her music. This may the reason why the "Heart Attack" singer might only appear on five episodes.

Episode 11 of Glee will be called "City of Angels." The New Directions will head to L.A. for the Nationals where they will compete against a group called, "Throat Explosion." A guest appearance by Skylar Astin from "Pitch Perfect" will be made to play the lead star of the competition, Jean-Baptiste.

Episode 12 will mark a huge milestone to Glee. It'll be the series 100th episode. Many original characters will be coming back for this special episode, such as Quinn Fabray, played by Dianna Agron, and Heather Morris, played by Brittany S. Pierce. Many fans were happy to hear about that Brittana will be on this episode.

Season 5 of "Glee" returns to "Fox" on Tuesday, February 25.