GTA V: Online Heists DLC Release Date, Updates: New Leaked DLC to feature avalanche, tsunami? Four game missions detailed

By Shane

A new DLC for the GTA V: Online Heists release date is reportedly leaked which could be the reason behind the delay in the arrival of the game to current gen consoles, Xbox and PS4.

Last month, Rockstar Games last month announced that the release date Grand Theft Auto V for Windows PC will be delayed until March 24 as the developer would need extra time to polish the game.

"Our apologies for the slight shift in the date but the game requires a few extra weeks of testing and polish to make it as good as can be. Moving a release date is never a decision we take lightly and is a choice we make only when we know it is in the best interests of the game and our fans. Thanks everyone for your understanding and we assure you these few extra weeks will be worth it when the game does arrive in March," said in a statement in the Rockstar Games newswire page.

While fans await for the release date  of the GTA 5: Online Heists DLC, some report claimed that the leaked source codes have information that reveals elements in their heist operations that include tsunami, avalanche, and more exciting environmental elements.

The codes which are discovered by YouTube user DomisLive are codes for "SET_TSUNAMI_ENV" and "SET_AVALANCHE_ENV."

The first code apparently reveals that a tsunami can build up at a specific area on the map while in a Heist mission and the second code would create an avalanche in a specific area on the map in a Heist mission.

Unfortunately, it is said that the two environmental elements will only be available for PS4 and Xbox One.

Another report also suggests that there are least four new missions including the "Hostage Deal CnC Mission" that is described as a hostage taking and saving mission. The "Prison Van Rescue CnC" would let players get a van to rescue one of their gang members.

The "Weapons Deal CnC Mission", on the other hand, would allow the player to arrest a criminal, surrendering him to the cops and in return, the player could get some weapons from the cops in exchange for money.

The release date of the GTA V: Xbox One, PS4 Online Heists DLC released date is confirmed to arrive weeks before the, GTA V PC version will be launched on March 24. 

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