Hans Küng, controversial theologian censured by John Paul II, dies at 93

By The Christian Post

Catholic theologian Hans Küng being interviewed in 2009 by Euronews. | YouTube/Euronews

Hans Küng, a controversial Swiss Catholic theologian, professor and priest, who was once censured by the late Pope John Paul II, has died at age 93.

Küng, who was known to be critical of Catholic theology, passed away at his home in Tübingen, Germany, on Tuesday, according to a report by Vatican News.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, himself the subject of critique by Küng, released a statement quoted by Vatican News commending the late theologian for trying “to revive the dialogue between faith and the natural sciences and to assert, with regard to scientific thought, the reasonableness and necessity of the Gottesfrage (the question about God).”

Roger Haight, a Jesuit and scholar in residence at Union Theological Seminary in New York, wrote Tuesday that Küng was “no passive pietist, nor did he lack self-confidence.”

Source:The Christian Post