Hawaii Storms 2014 Update: Hurricane Julio Landfall Expected By Sunday, Upgraded to Category 3

By Alma

Hurricane season 2014 is full-blown in the pacific region hitting Hawaii with a double whammy storm. The National Weather Service reports that Iselle has now become a tropical storm just before it made landfall in Hawaii on Friday. However, Hurricane Julio is close behind with greater strength to threaten the islands. 

Tropical Storm Iselle was declared a tropical storm at 11PM Hawaii Standard Time on Thursday. The strength of the system had decreased to 70 mph below the 74 mph minimum of a hurricane. 

A report from the Huffington Post says that Iselle is the first tropical storm to make contact in Hawaii in 22 years. Now Hurricane Julio is expected to come with greater force. The publication suggests that the storm is about 1,000 miles behind the pacific. 

Hurricane Julio is now at category 3 and has followed Iselle's path maintaining 120 mph winds. Reports predict that Julio will head north of the islands by Sunday morning. 

"I can't say I'm too worried," a Puna resident named Andrew Fujimura, said to the Associated Press. "Worst-case scenario, the power may go out a day or two. But we're prepared for that kind of stuff out here."

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie also says that the state is ready for the impact of storms. He also added that the National Guard is also prepared and transit services, schools, state and local governments were closing for a period. 

"What we're asking the people to do now is pay attention, stay focused and listen to the directions," he said.



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