Hispanic pastors praise Trump for work on border security as president touts growing support

By The Christian Post

President Donald Trump. | Photo: White House

A group of Hispanic pastors praised President Donald Trump for his work on border security and pushing to build his controversial wall at a meeting at the White House Friday, as the New York billionaire touted a recent poll showing his growing support among Latinos.

“They have tremendous congregations of pastors and ministers anywhere in this country. And they’ve been talking to me for a long period of time. And you probably saw we went up 19 percent — I saw that just a little while — with the Hispanic population. Part of it is the jobs because they’re doing record-setting jobs right now. But part of it is what we talk about — the wall and security,” Trump said in his meeting with the group.

Waco pastor Ramiro Pena delivered a letter he said was endorsed by 150 Hispanic evangelical leaders expressing thanks for the president’s “good faith efforts” to work with Democrats on border security.

Source:The Christian Post