HIV and AIDS Cure, News, and Updates: Cure Found in Blood Transfusion, Set to Enter Clinical Trial Next Month

By Princess Love

According to a new publication, Hivisasa it seems that a cure to HIV has finally been found and the method used a blood-transfusion.

Here's the latest on HIV and AIDS cure, news, and updates.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) there is a total of 34 million who are currently suffering from HIV and AIDS, and this number is continuously growing-needless to say, a cure is really needed.

A group of doctors from Barcelona have experimented on blood-transfusion as a way of curing HIV because of a man who was said to be healed of the virus after a blood transfusion.

A 37-year-old man from Barcelona claimed to have been suffering from HIV when he was suddenly healed of the virus after a blood transfusion. The man has Leukemia which has required him to get the blood transfusion.

Because of this, the doctors are inspired to try the experiment on one man by the name of Timothy Brown. Timothy also has HIV and Leukemia and has received the experimental treatment in Berlin.

Timothy received bone marrow from a HIV-resistant donor. According to the report by 'The Local' the patient was healed of both HIV and cancer.

The result was a big step in finding a cure against HIV and AIDS and the group of doctors from Barcelona will start the clinical trials next month. The trial will be the first umbilical cord transplant for HIV patients who are also suffering from blood cancer.

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