'Holiday in the Wild' highlights 'miracle' of God's creation, say stars Rob Lowe, Kristin Davis

By The Christian Post

Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis star in the new Netflix film "Holiday in the Wild." | Netflix

BEVERLY HILLS — The new Netflix film “Holiday in the Wild” highlights the “miracle” of God’s creation and reminds audiences that second chances are always possible, said stars Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis.

The romantic comedy, which released globally Nov. 1, stars Davis as Kate, a New York woman who books a second honeymoon with her husband when their son leaves for college. However, when Kate’s husband abruptly leaves her, she decides to travel to Zambia on her own. There, she helps a rough-around-the-edges pilot, Derek, (Lowe) rescue an orphaned baby elephant and thrives amid majestic animals and scenery.

Davis, who also served as an executive producer of the movie, is known for her longstanding commitment to elephant conservation. She told The Christian Post that bringing her passion to the big screen was “amazing and a miracle.”

Source:The Christian Post