Immigration Reform 2013: 15 Protesters Arrested After Rally In Orlando, FL.

By Manuel Campos

Hundreds gathered to march in downtown Orlando, in favor of immigration reform and to demand a clear path to citizenship, but more than a dozen took to the street in a sit-down protest. 

Police allowed the group to sit in the street for nearly 30 minutes before they began arresting people, for obstructing traffic. Only 15 people were arrested out of the 200 who attended the protest.

Those marching are asking lawmakers to follow the lead of California U.S. Rep. Jeff Denham and support the latest House comprehensive immigration reform bill. Denham became the first House Republican to support the Democrat-backed legislation.

As the protesters marched, they chanted, "This is what democracy looks like" and "Obama, escucha. Estamos en la lucha." Which in English translates to, "Obama, listen. We are in the struggle."

Some played makeshift drums and waved signs that read, "Say yes to citizenship," "Who would Jesus deport?" and "Stop tearing families apart.

"We have enough votes to pass immigration reform but we have someone, an obstacle in our way, that's John Boehner, and we want him to get out of way of the progress that can be made," Ciara Taylor of Dream Defenders said.

John Boehner is the current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and member of the Republican Party.

Some of the protesters held a candlelight vigil at the Orange County Jail on Tuesday night as they waited for their friends to be released on bail.

The 15 were released on bond from the Orange County Jail, as of 8 a.m. A small crowd was waiting; they cheered them and offered them a warm breakfast as they walked out of the jail.



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