Immigration Reform 2013: Six Protestors Arrested in St. Louis, MO

By Manuel Campos

Police arrested six protestors demonstrating for immigration reform outside the federal court house, in St. Louis, MO.

Nearly 100 activists rallied for immigration reform outside the federal courthouse in St. Louis this morning, calling on the U.S. House of Representatives to vote on a new immigration reform bill.

"We need Congress to take a vote on federal immigration reform," said organizer Venessa Crawford Aragon, Executive Director of the group Missouri Immigration-Refugee Advocates, "We have the votes to pass citizenship for eleven million undocumented people through the House or Representatives, but Speaker Boehner and other members of leadership are refusing to give us that vote."

Police arrested six of the protesters for failing to comply with orders as they sat in the middle of 10th street. One of the protestors arrested, Allison Dreith, said she hopes the arrests prove to Republican Representative Ann Wagner that Missourians are serious about immigration reform. 

"We're out here rallying for dignity and respect for the immigrant and to demand a vote from Representative Ann Wagner," Dreith said. "We don't care how she votes on immigration reform, but the time is now to do so."

A representative for Democratic Congressman Lacy Clay of Missouri told the crowd he supports HR 15 and will push for a vote on immigration reform in the few weeks remaining before Congress leaves the Capitol.

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