Interview: Tammy Trent Excited About New Album 'Sunny Days'

By Ella Chan

Tammy Trent is a talented Christian artist hailing from Grand Rapids, MI and currently living in Nashville,TN.  Her singing and worship leading has taken her around the world singing at Women of Faith Conferences and part of the Revolve Tour. Trent has a new album Sunny Days releasing on August 6th and her new single, "I'm Running" has just broken into the Top 20 on Christian charts. 

We appreciate Tammy taking the time to talk with Breathecast about her journey and what's next!

BreatheCast: Your album Sunny Days is almost out (releases August 6), how excited are you for people to hear new music?

TT: "I think I'm more excited about this album than any other album in my career. Probably because I was soo completely hands on throughout the entire process, co-writing 8 of the 10 songs and overseeing all the production.  I truly poured my heart and soul into this project and I believe my excitement level comes from the hope that these songs will now make a huge impact in the lives of those who lean in for a listen.  I'm prayerful that they would feel the love of God breathing in their direction and straight into their circumstances, wherever they may be in life." 

BreatheCast: What was different about this record, during the writing or recording process?  

TT: "There's always pressure for me when working on a new album.  Mostly pressure I put on myself.  I get sooo nervous whenever I walk into a vocal booth. Am I ready?  Am I good enough?  Do I have what it takes?  Will this song make an impact?  I think this time around I took more deep breaths, let go of the pressure and tried to really enjoy the process more than ever.  I gave myself permission to only live up to God's expectations, which for me was, to just show up everyday and give it my all and believe that God would do the rest."

BreatheCast: You are doing a cruise with Avalon, Jaci Velasquez and others in Jan 2014, is this your first time performing on a cruise? 

TT: "This is probably my 7th ministry cruise and I sooo LOVE cruising.  It gives us all such quality time together to hang with some old friends and make new ones.  There's always soo much to do and soo much to see on a cruise and at the ports.  And I think my favorite part of cruising is always worshiping out at sea together.  Being OFF the platform is where my heart feels the most at home with friends and fans, so this is the perfect place to have that time with everyone. Plus I get a GREAT tan!!  lol"


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