Interview With Bobbie and Brian Houston in UK Hillsong Conference

By Vineworker

What attracts people to the Hillsong Conference?
Brian: Year by year often someone or maybe a couple of people from local churches have come and then got inspired and felt like they've really been equipped for their own Christian life .They go home and become missionaries and then the next year they bring more and then the following year a whole lot more and that's how the conference tends to grow. We started the conference down in Australia 27 years ago and the very first one we had only had 124 people, it was then primarily a music conference, and it developed into an all church conference. We have always themed the conference 'championing the cause of the local churches everywhere' and that is what we try to do. We try to not make this conference just about Hillsong Church. People can listen to podcasts but it is not the same as actually being a part of the atmosphere of the conference. I find that it just fires people up and gets them excited about church and serving God.

The conference encourages churches to go out and spread God's word.
Brian: That's what we are about. Bobbie and I are great believers in the potential of the local church. A lot of people have different concepts of what church is but we are believers of the power of the local Church and feel like the potential of the church is far beyond what often times we see. One of the scriptures that I stand by all the time is psalm 92: 13 'Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God'. This conference is all about trying to build the kind of churches where people can flourish, where people are released in their calling whether it's in creativity or in ministry of any form whatsoever. Even if it's Christian business people who have got a passion and a heart to raise finances for the Kingdom of God, we just want to be encouraging them.
Bobbie: Also, really encouraging Churches to be a force for good in the community because a lot of people have perceptions about the church. This is a leadership conference as such and every spectrum of the church community is encouraged to go home inspired to not just build their church community, but to be a real blessing in the greater community and help with various social needs and concerns.


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