iOS 7 Free Download iPhone 4, 4s and 5 Error Messages; Reports Of Severe Battery Life Loss For The Update

By Joseph Dilinger

With the new iOS 7 being released last night millions of users downloaded the update for their iPhone.  (update available for iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5C, 5S). Many jumped into the download blind and with two feet, you;however, have the option to learn about some of the issues regards to the software.

Many have laid claim to have experienced errors in the download process, even after downloading they received an error message stating that the installment process could not take place.  While it is wise to wait until Apple updates the software to accomodate bugs, if you cannot wait it may be worth backing up your data incase the worst case scenario occurs with your smartphone.

User's also have struggled with the battery life of the their phone.  The iPhone 5 has been reported to struggle the worst.  According to Ars Technica they reported that the life of the iPhone 5 (from iOS 6 to iOS 7) went from 661minutes to 444 minutes with the updated software.  With the older phones it may be hard to keep all of the processing of the new software at bay so we should be cautious in downloading if already experiencing a short battery life.

To further that notion, the apps themselves may pose a difficulty for your iPhone.  App compatability issues (the iOS 7 is made to take advantage of the 64bit processing power of the 5S) may plague your phone if you choose to update.  A pop-up is supposed to appear however.  It will allow you to use an older version of the app if it isn't compatible.

Still, with this all being said, iOS 7 actually is a drastic change to the Apple OS and will change how you see the software.  Quite literally the UI (user interface) has been drastically changed, from complex ornamentals to a simplistic get it done type of UI.  It also features new software for the camera, safari, and over 200+ new features.

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