iOS 7 Release Date 2013 Projected as Sept. 18, iPad 5 and iPad Mini May Arrive Earlier - Predictions Stick to Apple's Launch Patterns

By Ruth

iOS 7 and its groundbreaking new features are said to be arriving in September, and the release of iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 may precede, as Apple eyes to declare its reign in the mobile war.

The much-anticipated iOS 7 release date may arrive on September 18, 2013, according to reports. This follows Apple's patterns of releasing the iOS 100 days after its announcement, just as the company did with the iOS 6.
While the iPad was always unveiled in the spring time, 2013 may see a different release cycle as rumors claim that Apple is releasing the updated models of tablets very close to the iOS 7 launch.

The California-based tech giant will release the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 in July, rumors point out.
With the iOS 7 coming on September 18, IBT's tech editor Dave Smith predicts that the iPhone 5S will be unleashed on September 20. The prediction is made, again, based on Apple's previous pattern of releasing the iPhone 5 just two days after the iOS 6 was rolled out.
Sure enough, the new iPhone release date is highly likely to follow Apple's usual manner of coinciding with the iOS update, but the addition of the next-generation iPads may bring Apple some extra attention.

With its radically new looks and features, the iOS 7 was dubbed as the biggest change in the history of iOS by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The iOS 7 new features include:
 - Redesigned interface
 - New Lockscreen
 - Weather app with interactive displays
 - Notification Center newly available on Lock Screen
 - Folders with Multiple page support
 - FaceTime Audio
 - AirDrop
 - Notification syncing
 - When stolen, activation lock disables the phone

In iOS 7, the user interface has become sharper and flatter, and a side-from-the-bottom unlock function was newly added.

A 3D effect and the transparent feel made the iOS interface a lot more elegant.

"Even though it looks completely different, it's still easy to pick up and use right away because the core functionality is largely the same," CNET Reviews editor Jessica Dolcourt commented on iOS 7.

On security's side, iOS 7 sports a new anti-theft feature. With the "Activation Lock" setting, a thief will not be able to reactivate an iPhone without hacking your iCloud user name and password, making it harder for a thief to crack into an iPhone.

While the official release date of the iOS 7 is yet to be announced, newer beta versions are being rolled out, with the next one rumored to come soon.
The iOS 7 Beta 3 release date could be on July 8, according to a new BGR report. 

If you can't wait for the official iOS 7, here is a quicker way to taste it: 

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