iOS 7 Vs Android 4.4 KitKat: iOS 7 and Android 4.4 Features List [PHOTO]; KitKats Release Date 2013 Will Google Put Up A Good Fight?

By Joseph Dilinger

With the new release of iOS 7 over 200+ new features have surfaced, what can we use?  Also with Android 4.4 KitKat rumors surfacing about the Release date being in October 2013 what can we expect and when will we get it?  Here's a good idea of what we'll see. Lets start the show with the already known (yet unexplored to some) iOS 7.

New Features of iOS 7:


Parallax is a new effect on wallpapers that makes them "Jump Out" when you turn the phone.  Good news is that you can turn it off if you're afraid it drains your battery. [Settings => General => Accessibility => Reduce Motion]  And you can toggle the On/Off here.

Motion Sensing Hot Keys

A new feature of iOS 7 which allows you to access certain features like siri by tilting your head.  [Settings => General => Accessibility => Switch Control] then you can control the action by setting up the preferred switches.

Block Callers and Messages

Blocking callers is simply accessed by going to contact details and selecting the Block this Caller option in your phone.

Message Times

iOS 7 can now easily display the times that messages are sent and received.  This is accessed by swiping right to left in your message dialogue box.

Siri Manages Settings

Now you can tell siri things like 'turn off blue tooth' and she will toggle the settings for you, this is good news for all those who don't feel like searching for the switch if it's not immediately accessible.

Option to Refresh Apps in the Background

Go to Settings => General => Background App Refresh, and here you can selectively choose which apps automatically update in the background, however, you should use with caution as it can drain a lot of battery life.  The suggested use is for the apps that you most need to be updated.

iOS 7 App Updates in the Background

Go to Settings => iTunes & App Store then go to the Automatic Downloads, here you can decide whether to turn on or off the option to automatically update the apps in the background, again of course, it can take a beating on your battery so use with caution.

Android 4.4 KitKat Release Date 2013 Features News

While the iOS 7 is already known not much is known about the Android 4.4 update.  It's release date is rumored to be around mid - late October/ early November (This comes from leaked Twitter feeds claiming that it will be released) Also with the Google 5th anniversary of the Android OS coming up mid-October it may be announced at the party, we hope.

While the OS is expected to be delivered to cater to the confectionary desires for the users of the Nexus 5 and 10, it will also be available to some older phones / tablets like the Galaxy S4 or Nexus 7, and possibly even older models according to leaked rumors claiming its wide availability.

The new features, however, might not be as revolutionary as we all expect.  Recently some leaked photos received by 9to5Google point towards a similar OS as its predecessor.  Still there will be updated features, of course, and leaked pictures point to a changed color scheme for its phone and messaging apps.

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