iPhone 6 Release Date 2014 Expected with Curved, Wraparound Screen, Specs and Features Rumor Roundup

By Ruth

All the unfulfilled wish lists from the iPhone 5S is now carrying over to the iPhone 6, which is slated for a March 2014 release date.

Unyielding iPhone rumors persist as Apple recently released the iPhone 5S and 5C, pointing to the release date of the 6th generation of the giant's flagship smartphone sometime in first quarter of 2014

While Apple has uttered no word on the iPhone 6, rumors and leaks, rather in the form of wish lists, are flooding in, mostly pointing to a March 2014 release date for the next-generation iPhone.

The iPhone 6 is alleged for a bigger display screen, following suit with Apple's longtime competitor Google's Android smartphones, namely the Samsung Galaxy family.
Rumored sizes range from 4.5 to 5 inches, and many are speculating that Apple may even release a "phablet" size smartphone to beat Samsung.

The curved screen was rumored ever since the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 6 may finally debut with a curved, wraparound screen, a recent Apple patent filing in Eurpe suggests, Patently Apple reports. The wraparound AMOLED screen could look like the iPod Nano 4, and can be "unrolled" or "unfolded" with the help of a hinge which is "a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together," according to the patent, which also discusses facial recognition, gesture control and 3D screen.

Another Apple patent filing also hints a "smart bezel" feature that would display information around the screen.
"The primary display could be used to convey visual content to a user, and the secondary display could be used to guide a user providing inputs to the device. For example, the secondary display could be selectively illuminated to provide one or more indicators that represent where or how a user can provide inputs to the device," explains the patent, according to DesignnTrend.

Apple is also rumored to be moving on from infrared sensors to sonar sensors, according to Apple Insider.
The sonar technology is able to "detect slight changes in ambient sound and send corresponding signals to a processor which then compares the two to determine whether an object is in close proximity to either of the mics," the site reports.

The LiquidMetal that wraps around the screen also enhances durability, which would be an upgrade to be applied to the future iPhones and iPads.

Apple is also reported to be shifting from A7 to A8 processing chips, IBTimes Australia reports.
"Taiwan SemiconductorManufacturing Company (TSMC) has stepped up its purchases of manufacturing equipment for its 20nm process," reports DigiTimes of Taiwan.
Volume production of the chips will begin by the first quarter of 2014, in time for the iPhone 6 release date.

According to Apple, the iPhone 5S is already 20 times faster than the iPhone 5, with an A7 processor that marks the first ever 64-bit CPU to come with a phone.

The iPhone 6 with the alleged A8 processor would make a beast.