Ireland warns women against using abortion pill reversal that could save babies' lives

By The Christian Post

Thousands of No campaign supporters hold placards aloft during a LoveBoth Stand Up For Life rally in Dublin, Ireland, on May 12, 2018. | Getty/Charles McQuillan

Women in Ireland are being warned against seeking the abortion pill reversal treatment that’s been successfully used in the U.S. to save babies’ lives.

The Irish Department of Public Health is advising women that there is “no such thing” as abortion reversal and attempts to do so could result in either a miscarriage or an unhealthy outcome for the pregnancy. Similarly, the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, described efforts to inform women about the abortion pill reversal as “offensive and entirely unnecessary.” 

But according to Sue Turner, director of Physicians for Life, if a pregnant woman who has taken the first of two abortion pills decides she’s made a mistake and wants to keep her baby, she would have a relatively high chance of delivering a healthy baby if she was to undergo the reversal, she told The Christian Post. 

Source:The Christian Post