Has Paul Walker's Co-Star Tyrese Gibson Converted from Christianity to Islam, After His Visit to Dubai?

By Carlton Cook

The famous Fast & Furious movie star Tyrese Gibson has posted an Islam outreach video "The Purpose of Life (HD) | Muslim Spoke Word" on his twitter account on December 3rd, 2013, and said "This gave me life!" His visit to Dubai was afterwards.

Once fell into depression after his best friend Paul Walked died in a car crash at the end of November last year, Gibson said he "found his smile again" after a visit to an Islamic city - Dubai in United Arab Emirates, in a recently TV interview.

In the TV show "The Arsenio Hall Show" Gibson told the audience that he met his "best friend and spiritual mentor" in Dubai and the fifteen days were like "8 months already".

Upon returning to US, the star dressed in a long Middle Eastern style robe and appeared in a video, sharing how greatly he has been changed after his visit to Dubai. In his own word, he said "he changed his life forever", his life "has found the sense of purpose", "I've never experienced the love that I experienced, in a short period of time, ever in my life" and "there is a big big big plan".

In the same video, Gibson also had his message to all the Americans, suggesting them not to be "stereo type" towards the Islamic world just because of several terrorists and negative moments happened in the States. And he said the "great nation of Abudabi Dubai has given him smile again".

Gibson used to talked about his Christian faith in TBN program, saying that he "is a Christian of every bit" and said he would not like some others who "talked about God privately" but "shared about God openly". He believed that God had covered his direction and every performance, and granted his whole band safety. He even encouraged people to pray to God: "I want to encourage everybody out there. In whatever interpretation as on your heart, just get to know Him. Allow Him to order your footsteps, and your direction, just pray that God blesses you to find strength to walk into the unfamiliar."

This Fast & Furious star did not express to the public whether he had changed his religious belief after this "turning point of his life". However, in his video at home, he quoted Bible and considered his "smile again" as the Bible's teaching on "being childlike".

Watch Tyrese Gibson's message at home after coming back from Dubai:

Tyrese Gibson Speaks on God on TBN in 2011:

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Message of Tyrese Gibson at home After Coming back from Dubai


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