ISIS: ‘We will Raise Flag of Allah in the White House’

By Boaz Wadel

As ISIS continues their takeover of northern Iraq and portions of Syria and the U.S. launches a tempered military response for strategic and humanitarian purposes, a spokesman for the radical group made a bold declaration - about an ultimate conquest of the White House.

In the last week, Vice News embedded a journalist with ISIS and traveled with their press officer, Abu Mosa, during their assault on the Syrian Army's 17th division near Raqqa. A powerful and graphic video released from this excursion shows ISIS surrounding Syrian forces on four sides, defeating them, then mounting the heads of their fallen foes on the top of metal fence spikes.

Abu Mosa made a provocative statement following that victory: "I say to America that the Islamic Caliphate has been established. And we will not stop. Don't be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead send your soldiers, the ones we humiliated in Iraq. We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House."

A Vice News journalist was also able to go inside a mosque and capture ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's bold pronouncement to the faithful, mostly on their knees bowing before him like a messianic figure.

"Indeed Allah, powerful and exalted in might and in combat with the enemies of Allah, he granted his followers success, and empowered them to fulfill their purpose. And if you desire what Allah has promised, then set out in jihad for his cause," al-Baghdadi said.

The ISIS leader appeared to exert an almost hypnotic control over his followers. Indeed, the video captured children as young as 11-years-old swearing allegiance to al Baghdadi and the cause of jihad.

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We will Raise Flag of Allah in the White House ISIS