'Its Gonna Be May' Justin Timberlake Meme Goes Viral [PHOTOS] Tired Joke Still Gives Kicks on Twitter

By Alma

The "Its gonna be May" meme has gone viral... again. The old Justin Timberlake joke resurfaced on April 30 on Twitter to remind users that its literally "gonna be May." Although the funny meme has been around for quite a while, social media users never get tired of taking jabs at the famous Justin Timberlake line. 

The "Its gonna be May" meme comes from the 2000 'Nsync song "Its Gonna Be Me." The track, featured in the "No Strings Attached" album, featured a blonde and curly haired Justin Timberlake crooning, "that's why... Its gonna be me." However, with Timberlake's accent, it sounds as if he is saying, "May" and not "me."

Though the "May" gag was out around the time the track was originally released, it was only in the year 2012 that someone made an actual meme to solidify the joke. 

According to a report from Know Your Meme, it was Tumblr user amyricha who created the meme with a photo of Justin Timberlake circa 2000 with the misheard lyric--"Its gonna be May."

YouTube users, Aaron Ochoco, also made a 5-second video featuring the famous line. 

Check out the memes and welcome May with a smile. 



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