It's That Time of Year: Atheists Rev Up to Attack Christmas Once Again

By GospelVideo

Christmas, a time generally associated with good cheer and warmth between strangers, does not always stir up just that, especially in circles of strict atheists. Several anti-religious organizations celebrating their lack of belief have spoken out against the widely held religious beliefs behind what to them should be a time of secular celebration.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, who believe that the natural seasonal change known as the Winter Solstice is the original and 'authentic' reason for celebrating Christmas, are selling 'Winter Solstice' greeting cards with inscriptions such as "Reason's Greetings" and "Yes, Virginia...There Is No God." 

In addition to contesting religious-themed school functions, overtly Christian displays on public property, organizations like the American Atheists have also posted billboards in time-square urging New York City to "Keep the merry, dump the myth," contrasting an image of jolly St. Nicholas with the mournful depiction of Christ on the Cross. 

Ironically, incredibly religious areas seem to be hotspots for activism against holidays such as Christmas or Easter, as those who aren't religious feel pressured and excluded enough to take a stand. There's no room for ambivalence by a possible atheist in a town full of zealous Christians. 

Many Americans believe that the threat to traditional Christmas values posed by outspoken Atheist groups is a serious issue, 47% saying 'The War on Christmas' exists in a recent pole.