Jen Hatmaker celebrates daughter's lesbian identity: ‘I’m so glad you’re gay’

By The Christian Post

Sydney and Jen Hatmaker, 2020 |

Jen Hatmaker, the high-profile Christian author who made headlines a few years ago for embracing same-sex marriage, said she's received immensely positive feedback after last week's podcast where she publicly said she's "glad" her daughter is lesbian.

"I can't get past the hundreds of messages and notes and emails and texts y'all are sending Sydney and me after our podcast last week. We screenshot and send them to each other every day, because WE ARE SO UNDONE," Hatmaker wrote in a lengthy Facebook post on Tuesday. 

"Estranged moms asking their gay children to forgive them. Gay grandmas coming out for the first time. Siblings and aunts and kids of trans people reaching out with apologies and connection. Mamas saying they can love and affirm their young, closeted gaybies with no reservations now. LGBTQ people who finally believe Jesus loves them," she added before listing two points her daughter made in the podcast episode, titled “A Moment of Pride.”

Source:The Christian Post