Jeremy Lin Responds to Trade Rumors, 'God Reigns and I am to do my Utmost Before Him'

By James Lam

TAIWAN-Jeremy Lin responded to  trade rumors in an exclusive interview with a Taiwan channel. His parents appeared as well in the interview this time. Unlike his previous visits to Taiwan, he answered mostly all questions in Mandarin.

Lin is rumored to be on the trading block as the team looks to sign free agent Center, Dwight Howard.

However, the trade rumors were later shot down by the general manager, who confirmed their stay in Houston.

When asked how he felt towards the trade rumors, Lin said, "This just makes me work hard and do better. Whichever team I am in, God wants me to do all my best. I have no control over whether I am traded or not. What truly matters is how I act. Wherever I am, I will do my utmost. I always remember God reigns. In any circumstances, I trust in Him. No one knows the future. Only God knows."

Jeremy Lin is confident that there would be a positive new dynamic with the new team-mate, Dwight Howard

Throughout the interview, the parents seemed quiet. They sat beside Lin and listened to the conversation between the interviewer and him. Lin's mum occasionally spoke and expressed her views and she particularly referred to the ups and downs Lin had experienced last season.

"Experiences including the knee injury and surgery are not bad. God uses setbacks to make one grow," she explained.