Jeremy Lin Speaks Mandarin in Taiwan, Opens Up on Rockets' New Dynamics

By James Lam

'Linsanity' returned to Taiwan. This time around, the popular Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin surprised his audience by a new skill, Mandarin.

At a press conference in Taipei on Wednesday, instead of English, his native language, Jeremy answered nearly all of the questions in Mandarin.

"I'm so happy to come to Taiwan. Every year, Taiwan's media are very nice to me and the fans here are very passionate," Lin said in Mandarin.

"I'll do my best to answer all questions in Mandarin, and if I don't know how to say something, I'll use English," he pledged.

Lin has been learning Mandarin hard. He has spent a lot of time practicing it over the past year by working with a Taiwanese tutor on the Internet every day.

Asked about his new team-mate, Dwight Howard, Lin answered, "We feel that having Dwight Howard allows us to be a better team. So if we work hard, if we practice hard, I feel that we have a chance to get the NBA title."

When asked what lessons he had learnt from playing in NBA during the last few years, Lin said he felt that the Linsanity phenomenon was overwhelming and that he made a mistake in putting too much pressure on himself to play well. This affected his game with the Rockets during the last season.

However, he has learned to focus on the game and "to play for God, and not for everyone else," Lin confessed. 

Asked to compare the differences between playing with the Knicks and the Rockets, Lin said, "When I played with the Knicks, I had the ball often. But with the Houston Rockets, we got James Harden, who is an all-star player and very good at pick-and-roll so I have to find my running position and space".

Lin said his goal this season is to improve his three-point game, his defence, and play better off his left hand.

Lin will be sharing his life testimony at the gospel evangelistic conference titled "Dream Big, Be Yourself" held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center on on Aug. 18.

He will be preaching to over 18,000 people in Taipei.Taiwanese-American pop-star Van Ness Wu and possibly Asia's 'king of pop' Jay Chou will take part in the conference as well.

The Harvard graduate and his friend, Rockets forward Chandler Parsons, will also co-host a basketball camp for Taiwanese high school and college students on Aug. 18-20. He is scheduled to leave Taiwan on Aug. 21 for China.

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