Justin Bieber to be Prosecuted for Battery Charges, Biebs Just Wants 'to be a Good Role Model'

By Ruth

Justin Bieber is set to be prosecuted after a Calabasas neighbor of the Canadian heartthrob reported to police that Bieber threatened to kill him.

Bieber's neighbor, a 47-year-old father of three, complained that the "Baby" singer spat in his face and threatened to kill him, says TMZ. This latest controversy surrounding Justin comes off the back of reports on speeding tickets, threats, smoking drugs, erratic driving and some fights.

The singing sensation was reportedly having loud parties in his $6.5 million mansion when the neighbor complained.

"The neighbour was furious about the noise," TMZ reports, and cited a source that claimed that the neighbor then "came on to Justin's property and began screaming."

"Our sources tell us Justin told the man to get off his property but they insist Justin did not have any physical contact with the man," says TMZ.

"The singer went inside his house and security escorted the neighbour off the property."

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is allegedly planning to recommend that Bieber be prosecuted, according to TMZ. Chances are that the teen superstar may face criminal battery charges upon review.

In Bieber's lavish property, he has allowed Lil Twist, King Kevi and another friend to live rent-free.

While the world views Bieber as at the verge of a breakdown, the singer holds a high regard for himself.

"The biggest misconception about me is that I'm a bad person,' Bieber told US Weekly.

"I get upset about that. I have a big heart. I want to be a good role model, but some people want me to fail."

"I'm young and I make mistakes. That's part of growing up," Bieber said.

"I mess up sometimes. It's part of growing up."

If the 19-year-old singer is prosecuted, his faithful and loving mother is likely to be in serious trouble.

Pattie Mallette, Justin's single mother, said she prays for her son as she learns his wild lifestyle on the media.

"Of course I pray for him," the 37-year-old mother of Bieber told E! News last week.

"I encourage him. I can't really speak to how he handles that part of his life."

When asked of the battery charge Bieber faced this time, Mallette said she didn't know until the media picked up the stories.

"Sometimes I learn about things on the internet the same as everybody else," she said.

"And that was the case this time."

"Him being 19, you know, I've just gotta let go a little and let him make some of his own decisions," she said. "He's growing up. He's 19. He's not my baby."