Karen Pence defends husband from ‘attack’ on faith by gay presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg

By The Christian Post

Karen Pence and her husband Vice President Mike Pence (L) and openly gay 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (inset). | Twitter; Facebook

Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, fended off an “attack” on her husband’s faith Tuesday from openly-gay Democrat presidential candidate and mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg.

Speaking Tuesday on The Brian Kilmeade Show on Fox Radio to promote a book she wrote with her daughter, Pence expressed surprise that Buttigieg would target her husband, who is a former congressman and governor of Indiana when they “have always had a great relationship.”

“I think in our country we need to understand you shouldn’t be attacked for what your religious beliefs are and I think kids need to learn that from a young age that this is OK, what faith people have; we don’t attack them for their faith,” she said.

Source:The Christian Post