Justin Bieber Still the Favorite Male Singer to Kids? Kid's Choice Awards 2014 Shows on March 29

By Michelle

No wonder catching the hearts of kids today is to win the future for many aspects in life. In this information era, even kids are exposed to the media, social media through the I-Phones, and I-Pods as gifts from parents. Kids are heavily influenced by their celebrity role models as twinkling stars in the smart media.

The upcoming 27th Kid's Choice Awards will show who are the most influencing to the young hearts.

Kids' Choice Awards, unlike other Awards, totally 22 categories are selected by the kids themselves. The winners will dress in more colorful clothing and hair style, differing from the adult awards ceremony in grand and shining clothing; they will step on the orange carpet than the red carpet. The winner will be slimed in green liquid by the kid fans.

For a single year count in 2012, there were over 220 million votes casted during the month of March.

In 2013, Justin Bieber was selected as one of the Favorite Male Singer, Katy Perry as the Favorite Female Singer and Tim Tebow nominated as the Favorite Male Athlete.

Justin Bieber gave "bad boy image" in front of the media in last year. Will he be nominated this year again?

In 2014, the nominee list will be announced in mid-February that fans can vote for their favorite starts at Nick.com in addition to a special Facebook application and Twitter custom hash tags.

"All I ever wanted to win was one of the #kidschoiceawards! What category could I win at this point!?" said Pattie Mallette in her Twitter, retweeting for more than 3,600 times.

According to a survey, interviewed nearly 2,400 parents, conducted by CouponCodes4u.com, more than 50% reflected that celebrities do not serve as good models for the young.

However, the celebrities, good or bad images in hearts of parents, are still influencing the million young hearts today.

Who will you vote for in 2014? Or who is your boy or girl's favorites this year?



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