Kingdom of Hearts 3 Release Date: Square Enix Announced Release Date 2017

By Princess Love

Much to the disappointment of the fans of Kingdom of Hearts 3 who were hoping for a 2015 release date; I mean it's totally understandable why people would assume that since it's already available for pre-selling in major retail online shops like and with its release date supposed to be by December 31, 2015, priced at $40.99 and will be available for Xbox One and PS4.

However, recently, Sony announced through its PlayStation blog that the 2015 release date is actually all just rumors since the project is projected to be done by 2017, so we're looking more of a 2017 release date than a 2015 one.

To add to this, another reason why people speculated 2015 release is the fact that Bill Farmer, a voice actor for Kingdom of Hearts 3 took to Twitter and announced that he has already finished recording his voice for Goofy's character, in his message he said, "it (Kingdom of Hearts 3) is supposed to come out later this year."

However, to Kingdom of Hearts fans' disappointment, that twitter post by Bill Farmer was debunked right away, by Square Enix (Kingdom of Hearts 3 Developer) also taking to Twitter and posted, "There was a Goof! The release date for @KINGDOMHEARTS III remains unannounced."

It can also be a possibility that Bill Farmer absolutely thought that the game will be released this coming 2015, after all they could have just started recording the voice before the actual development of the game.

What confuses people further is the fact that Kingdom of Hearts developer, Tetsuya Nomura that the release date for 2015, might be pushed back from mid-year to late-year launch, no one mentions a 2-year push back for the release date so this news is really shock.

Tetsuya Nomura, however, revealed that they are having some technical and development issues when it comes to the optimization of the game's engine and the operating system, the problem might be big that have caused the release date to be pushed back 2 years.



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