Kristen Lindsey Latest News and Updates: Animal Advocates Demanding Justice For Tiger with 'Alley Cats Allies' Offering $7,500 For Anyone Who Can Provide Evidence Against Kristen Lindsey

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The case of Tiger is a tragic and a sad one. However, it also shows how much of the world now cares about animals. Kristen Lindsey's case is being closely monitored by animal advocates and animal lovers across the world. Recently the case has been transferred from Austin County Sheriff's office to the Austin County District Attorney Travis J. Koehn.

Here's the latest on Kristen Lindsey news and updates.

Recently the DA's office released a statement saying, "office will carefully review this matter, as we do with all investigations forwarded by law enforcement."

When his legal assistant (Lisa Tobola) was asked if it's possible for Lindsey to be charged with felony her answer is, "don't really know".

Last week, a horrendous Facebook post shook the whole world, a veterinarian named Kristen Lindsey posted a photo of herself holding an arrow with a dead cat on its end. If the photo wasn't disgusting enough, she even has the audacity to say, "My first bow kill, lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it's head! Vet of the year award ... Gladly accepted."


This week we found out that the cat wasn't actually a feral cat but a domesticated cat owned by one of her neighbors, his name is a Tiger.

Support for "Tiger" has flooded the internet with hashtags like; #IamTiger or #JusticeforTiger

After the post went viral, Kristen Lindsey lost her job after more than 500 people called her previous work to report about the incident. Accorsing to Austin County Sheriff Jack Brandes, "Right now this case is under investigation. That takes a little time."

Animal advocates from the around the world are not calling for action against Kristen Lindsey. A cat advocacy group called, "Alley Cat Allies" has offered a $7,500 reward to anyone who can provide evidence for the case.

Sheriff Brandes added, "I just want everybody to know several things. We can't arrest and charge someone like that based on a picture on the internet. We have to make sure that is true and correct. Anybody can take a computer and alter a photograph, any information we can get would be extremely appreciated."

Liz Holtz (Alley Cat Allies) added, "The fact that a veterinarian, a profession charged with caring for animals, may have committed this crime and regardless thinks that the violent death of a cat is funny, demonstrates that animal cruelty is a serious problem and should be treated accordingly. If the veterinarian actually committed the act depicted in the photo, she is in violation of the state cruelty code. Regardless of the validity of the photo, which is presently being investigated by the Austin County Sheriff's Office, the veterinarian's actions and callous disregard for animal welfare is in violation of the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners' rules of professional conduct."

It's not only the State of Texas who's conducting an investigation against Kristen Lindsey; even the American Veterinary Medical Association is conducting its own investigation as well.

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