Lawsuit seeks to overturn New York incest laws as parent wants to marry adult child

By The Christian Post

New York City | Unsplash/Thomas Habr

A lawsuit that has been filed anonymously in New York is seeking to overturn the state’s prohibition on incest as one parent is seeking to marry a descendant. 

The parent behind the legal action seeks to legally marry their own adult child and argues that banning marriage of this kind would “diminish their humanity.” 

According to The New York Post, the lawsuit was filed anonymously because the plaintiff is seeking “an action that a large segment of society views as morally, socially and biologically repugnant.” 

The sex of the parent and the child is also not disclosed. They are referred to as “proposed spouses” in the lawsuit, which also notes that they cannot procreate. The legal filing asserts that marriage is a matter of “individual autonomy.”

Source:The Christian Post